Dreaming big

This time next week the die will be cast. Will we have voted for our right to choose our own future, or to be denied that right for years to come? The last in this series of short videos for the run-up to the Holyrood 2021 elections.

6 thoughts on “Dreaming big

  1. Aside from the slight disappointment your final instalment did not reveal the identity of “H” – looks like we have to wait till Sunday, Line of Duty fans – this was a fine finish to what has been an excellent series of videos.

    I know a lot of thought went into these, Jamie, and it shows. Your rational, kind and compassionate take on what this means to us as a country, and as a people, has taken longer term and deeper insight into what this is really about and why it matters.

    Thank you for that. And look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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  2. Thanks for this, a rational and measured take on things, excellent.

    Only a small matter of the union of England and Scotland back in 1707 being ‘voluntary’.

    By all accounts, it was resisted before and after the signing of the treaty, in a basement in Edinburgh to escape the incensed crowds. The circumstances around the whole thing were cleverly orchestrated over time, by the English elite, a cunning lot, (Darien for example). It was based on bribery and corruption, and a few Earls etc, made a tidy sum out of payments they received for being signatories in giving away their own country to the next door neighbour. The Scots had resisted it for a long time, but it was like a game of cat and mouse, the mouse is usually caught in the end. Some English politician said at the time, ‘we have catched Scotland, and we shall keep her!’ And they did, a possession to be tethered at the ankle, starved and taunted, cruelly treated like a captured and caged animal.

    Fingers crossed for next Thursday, it’s last chance saloon for Scotland’s democracy and very survival as a nation, imo.


  3. Thank you for this series of videos. You’ve been calm, articulate and clearsighted – and hopefully reassuring for those who might be swithering. You’re also so right about the BBC and the pattern of newspaper ownership here.
    My father was a big fan of Don Roberto, and I’m now a big fan of you.

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  5. Just want to say a huge thank you Jamie. I think the hard work put in by those like yourself who write and make films for the Scottish independence cause has huge value, and all things considered, a huge help towards the positive election results.

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