Progress and prosperity

Following the quite unexpected success of last week’s video, here are some more thoughts on the elections and Scotland’s prospects as an economically successful independent nation. I’ll post as often as I can between now and May 6, so please keep sharing!

6 thoughts on “Progress and prosperity

  1. Thank you for this. It reflects my own feelings totally. Independence is an ache and a yearning. I still can’t understand why so many still want to have our incredible country overseen by Westminster. Baffles me every time they do something corrupt or just wrong and that’s a daily occurrence at the moment.

    Keep it up. We need this kind of mature considered stability to spread the word.

    Best wishes

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  2. I so appreciate your work. You articulate perfectly what I think and feel . Now that i have come across you, I will follow and share, and be influenced by your positivity, clarity and conviction. Thanks

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