9 thoughts on “The old story

  1. Really enjoying the positive, clear-sighted perspective in these videos, Jamie. Always good to hear the long view too, especially after such a torrid week caught up in egos, theatre and short term political power struggles.

    This isn’t about Alex Salmond or Nicola Sturgeon or Ruth Davidson or Boris Johnson. This is our lives, our land, our children, our future. Thanks for helping to remind us of that.

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  2. I was looking to see if R B C Graham is mentioned at the National lib of Scotland, found a short film of his funeral, at their ‘moving image’ part of the site, ref/ 5936, in copyright so can’t share but I am sure you will have seen it. I wanted to know if he is included in the NLS ‘famous people’, at potrrait at the Scottish Portrait gallery? I found a sculpture which is at the National potrait gallery in London, by J. Epstein, 1961.

    Always interesting to see how people are celebrated or portrayed.

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    • Yes, I’ve seen the funeral film, wonderful footage of the boat crossing to Inchmahome. There’s an Epstein bust in the National Portrait Galley in Edinburgh, on the stairs, first landing – though I don’t think they have a decent portrait. There’s also a bust in the Aberdeen City Art Gallery, can’t remember who by, and as East Neuker says (below) a splendid full length portrait by Lavery at the Kelvingrove. Then there’s the magnificent Lavery equestrian portrait in the Museo de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires. Being charismatic, handsome and rather vain, he was endlessly painted, sculpted and photographed!

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