Talking Scotland

Here’s a chatty interview I took part in yesterday with Norrie Hunter of the excellent Caledon Radio – talking about Don Roberto and his life, along with land issues, my own journey to Yes, and where we are now on the path to independence.

English spectacles


One of the many reasons I wanted to write about Don Roberto was to help me understand, and perhaps lend weight, to my own feelings about Scotland and Independence. Today, 31 January 2020, as Scotland is removed from the European … Continue reading

Bad nationalism


What on earth would Don Roberto be making of Johnson (I take my cue from the commentator who advises against prefixing the B-word on the grounds that it serves to reinforce the brand)? What would he make of the pseudo-Churchillian … Continue reading

A gleam of rubies


On 23 June 1928, a large crowd gathered in King’s Park, Stirling to support the inauguration of the National Party of Scotland, one of the predecessors of the Scottish National Party. The date, by no coincidence, marked the anniversary of … Continue reading