Talking Scotland

Here’s a chatty interview I took part in yesterday with Norrie Hunter of the excellent Caledon Radio – talking about Don Roberto and his life, along with land issues, my own journey to Yes, and where we are now on the path to independence.

A better future


Continuing a series of posts originally written through 2013/14 in the run-up to the first Independence Referendum. (First published as 96 Days, 13 June 2014) Sometimes an idea grips you in the guts and won’t let go. No amount of … Continue reading

A gleam of rubies


On 23 June 1928, a large crowd gathered in King’s Park, Stirling to support the inauguration of the National Party of Scotland, one of the predecessors of the Scottish National Party. The date, by no coincidence, marked the anniversary of … Continue reading

Getting to know him


As the YES campaign gathered momentum, I became aware of a presence, a figure who had been biding his time in the shadows, patiently waiting for me to notice him … I grew up in a resolutely Tory household at … Continue reading