Talking Scotland

Here’s a chatty interview I took part in yesterday with Norrie Hunter of the excellent Caledon Radio – talking about Don Roberto and his life, along with land issues, my own journey to Yes, and where we are now on the path to independence.

A better future


Continuing a series of posts originally written through 2013/14 in the run-up to the first Independence Referendum. (First published as 96 Days, 13 June 2014) Sometimes an idea grips you in the guts and won’t let go. No amount of … Continue reading

Bad nationalism


What on earth would Don Roberto be making of Johnson (I take my cue from the commentator who advises against prefixing the B-word on the grounds that it serves to reinforce the brand)? What would he make of the pseudo-Churchillian … Continue reading

Getting to know him


As the YES campaign gathered momentum, I became aware of a presence, a figure who had been biding his time in the shadows, patiently waiting for me to notice him … I grew up in a resolutely Tory household at … Continue reading